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Meg Hunt

MegHunt_SElfAbout Meg Hunt
Meg Hunt is an illustrator, printmaker, educator and all-around maker of things. Growing up by the ocean and spending a few years in the desert, she now resides and works in the wooded city of Portland, Oregon, where the scenery is always inspiring. Charming characters, color and pattern dominate her work, and she loves mixing techniques to create scenes filled with life. Her clients have included Disney, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Scholastic, Chronicle Books, Storey Publishing, Oxford University Press, Monoblock, and many more!



Mentor Preferences
Meg’s background is in freelance illustration– with that in mind she has been fascinated by a variety of markets and am constantly trying to explore new avenues. Within the entertainment industry, she’s experimented with character design and storyboards, but has also done concepts for commercials, as well as created narrative work for magazines and books, editorial work for newspapers and magazines, product design for stationery companies, poster and branding for various institutions, as well as released her own products (textiles, glassware, paper goods and screenprints).  Pertinent skills include: mixing traditional (collage, ink drawing, brush, watercolor, pencil, gouache, etc) and digital media, character design, narrative work, pattern design, conceptual/editorial work, ideation, color usage, printmaking, writing.

Ideal Mentee: My ideal mentor is someone who is driven, focused and engaged. They should be someone who is aware of the areas that need strengthening and are actively looking to evolve their work. It’s best if they come into the program with clear goals of what they’d like to tackle, as I can tailor the mentorship around that. It would be great if they could describe some goals in their essays.  Having a portfolio with strong work and a good skillset is preferred, though I can work with any experience level. Mentees should be curious (lots of focused questions are great!), willing to step outside their comfort zone, hard working, and know what they want out of the relationship– it’s tougher to mentor someone who is not sure what they want. I’m really drawn to working with people who love stories and ideas; and those who are passionate about finding their visual language and really up for attacking their work and strengthening their practice. Mentees should also have a good attitude, be up for constructive criticism, and a good sense of humor is always a plus! I also need mentees who are mature and respectful of time; with my teaching and illustration practice, time is not as free as I’d love so meeting on time and ready to dive in is really important. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out– I put a lot of myself into teaching and mentorship, so I want it to be beneficial for both parties!

10-Week Plan: I prefer tailoring the plans to the individual, which would be dependent on meeting the first week and going over portfolio, history, and goals. My general idea is that we would establish a working plan that week, wherein I can give exercises and assignments (whether research-based or studio-based depending on what the goals are), and we can critique/rework as need be. I would also like to have mentees keep a project sketchbook during the 10-weeks, to explore technique, keep their skills sharp, and to explore ideation for projects. Sketchbooks are important– I treat them as a playground where I can do anything and absorb everything.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 2

Maximum Distance: International

Language(s): English only

Preferred Meeting Times:  Due to my teaching obligations in spring, I prefer meeting via Skype, phone call, or Google Hangouts Tuesday, Thursday or Fridays usually between 3pm and 8pm (PST), though if international we may be able to work a different time out. If local, I can meet more flexibly on Thursdays or Fridays at a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon.

To apply to become Meg’s mentee, click here.

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