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Mike Belzer

About Mike Belzer
Playing with G.I. Joes and video games as a kid payed off for Mike Belzer. First he made a career in stop motion animating such icons as Gumby and the Pillsbury Doughboy as well as such films as “Nightmare Before Christmas” and “James and the Giant Peach.” Then in 1993 he got his first taste of CGI at Pixar and LIKED IT!! For almost 12 years He worked at the Walt Disney Animation Studios on such projects as “Walt Disney’s Dinosaur”, “Kangaroo Jack” , “Meet the Robinsons” and “Bolt”. Now he’s working at the coolest game studio on the planet making games. Teaching has also been a passion of his. Mike was a mentor at the online animation school Animation Mentor since its inception in March 2005 and has lectured and lead workshops in stop motion and computer animation around the globe. Mike’s goal is to continue to grow as an animator, while helping others along the way.

Mentor Preferences
I learned animation through Stop Motion and then transitioned into computer animation in the 1990’s. I’ve taught animation for many years through varies schools.

Ideal Mentee: I am looking to help an animator who has the basics down but is looking to improve the quality of their work. Someone who is motivated and has the “can do” attitude and not a “can’t”. I’m happy to help those who are motivated and put forth the effort. I am not wanting someone who brings nothing to the table but ears to be told what to do. Animation should be fun and collaborative and I feel it’s best when done by those who have passion for it.

10-Week Plan: I’d like to meet up with the student once a week (hopefully in Bellevue perhaps at lunch) for an hour to review what they have done and discuss what areas they need help/focus with.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 1

Maximum Distance: Local only (withing driving distance of Bellevue, WA)

Language(s): English only

Preferred Meeting Times: Lunch time once a week in Bellevue, WA

To apply to become Mike’s mentee, click here.

See his full demo reels here

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