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Mingjue Helen Chen

735173_641028552806_798510804_nAbout Mingjue Helen Chen
Mingjue Helen Chen graduated the Academy of Art University in 2010, and is currently a visual development artist in Los Angeles, California. She has worked for Disney Pictures, Jim Henson Company, Cinderbiter Inc., Walt Disney Animation Studios, and is currently Art Director on an unannounced animated feature film at Paramount Animation Studios.

Projects include Frankenweenie, Paperman, Wreck-it Ralph, and Big Hero 6, among others still in development.

Mentor Preferences
Mingjue has experience with digital painting, character design, and environment design. In addition, she has a strong emphasis on perspective, depth, and lighting.

Ideal Mentee: Someone focused on the foundations, and draftsmanship. I’d like a mentee who has not defaulted to a very stylized approach, or is willing to put stylistic flairs aside to learn the fundamentals. A high level of effort will help push me to do the same, and I’d like mentees who are thoughtful and willing to take critiques and feedback.

10-Week Plan: The approach would be a little bit different per mentee, but I think the mentorship would be a great way for the mentee to be able to leave with a stronger portfolio than they came in with. I’d like to take a look at their portfolio and structure the 10 week mentorship around their weaknesses. Generally though, I’d cover foundational things like composition for film, staging, perspective, lighting, painting techniques, and maybe some character design basics.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 1

Maximum Distance: International

Language(s): English only

Preferred Meeting Times:  Weekends would be best, or over Skype during the weekend. I’m fine with international students, but I’d like them to speak at the level of conversational English. If the mentee lives in the LA area, then I’d be open to meeting in person on the weekends.

To apply to become Mingjue’s mentee, click here.

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