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Noah Klocek

NoahKlocek_PortraitAbout Noah Klocek
When Noah Klocek was young he imagined that he would spend his life in a small cottage in the countryside painting and drawing alone . Yet he has found that collaborating with others has been the greatest joy and made him a far stronger artist than he could have ever been on his own.

Noah’s experience includes advertising design and art direction; as well as matte painting, visual development, art direction, and production design for studios such as Industrial Light & Magic, PDI/DreamWorks, and Pixar Animation Studios. Always striving to find new way to tell stories, Noah’s first illustrated picture book Cloud Country, a collaboration with Bonny Becker, will be published in Fall 2014.


Mentor Preferences
Noah has worked in the film industry for 15 years in a variety of positions.  He started out as a matte painter and have been a concept artist, a production illustrator, an art director, a production designer and a picture book author and Illustrator. While he tends to do color and environmental work for Pixar, he has done everything form character design to Matte Painting outside.  He has always had a passion for illustration as well, which he feels blends all of the fun and challenges of storytelling and designing for film, in a single piece.

Ideal Mentee: My ideal mentee, would be and individual who is not afraid of working hard. Someone who understands that real growth only comes from real work. Ideally the mentee would have a strong skill set that they want to take to the next level. I don’t believe there are any shortcuts in becoming a better designer, painter or storyteller, however I do believe that it is easy to get lost or overwhelmed along the way and that we all need mentors to help illuminate the path. I would love to partner with mentee who is passionate about growing their skill set and knowledge as a designer and an artist.

10-Week Plan:  My general plan is to set up meetings over Facetime or Skype allowing the mentee to anywhere in the world. I wold love to have an initial meeting for two to three hours to get a sense of the mentee’s skill level, goals and passions. After that we would meet once a week for and hour, where we will talk about challenges, process, work completed and new assignments. A lot of the specifics depend heavily on the first meeting, where together we will determine what shape and direction the mentorship will take to.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 1

Maximum Distance: International

Language(s): English only

Preferred Meeting Times:  Week night meeting times are best, but I’m willing to be flexible.

To apply to become Noah’s mentee, click here.