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Octavio Rodriguez

About Octavio Rodriguez
Octavio Rodriguez is a seasoned story artist who has worked over 16 years at some of the finest animation studios including Starz, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Lucasfilm animation. Currently, he is employed with Pixar Animation working on “Monsters University” and “Dia de Los Muertos”. Since 2006, he has released 5 self published books including, “Cano Scribbles,” “Cano scribbles 1.5,” “The Adventures of Plat and Dave,” “The Adventures of Plat and Dave 2,”and “Ciudad”.

Mentor Preferences
I have feature and TV story training. Experience in fast paced schedules for scripted TV as well outline form episodes. As well experience in TV development, creating a show from the ground up, which entails producing a TV bible, designing the chars, backgrounds, to writing the episodes…the whole shebang.

Ideal Mentee: Hungry to learn. Either seasoned or some experience. Takes direction well and follows through with the assignments. Side note, can take construct criticism, so we can reach their untapped potential.

10-Week Plan: Looking to give general career advice for those looking to get into storyboarding as well as targeted guidance to help mentees improve their storytelling abilities. In addition, I’m willing to help revise and create pieces for their portfolio.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 2

Maximum Distance: International

Language(s): English and/or Spanish

Preferred Meeting Times: Week Nights

To apply to become Octavio’s mentee, click here.

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