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Samy Fecih

SamyFecih_profileAbout Samy Fecih
Samy Fecih was in the very first promotion of Animationmentor and before finishing the program, he started as a Junior Animator on a TV series called “Zoe Kezako” in Paris.  Then after 3 month Samy went to Luxembourg to work on his first feature animation, “9”.  Soon after, Samy went to Framestore were he stayed 2 years, as he worked on “Narnia: Prince Caspian”, “The Tales of Despereaux”, the TV series “Primeval” (season 2), “Where the Wild Things Are” and finally, “Avatar”.    After Avatar Samy wanted to try other companies so he went to Double Negative for 2 years, were he worked on “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, “Ironman 2” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part 1 & 2”.  After this experience in Visual Effects, Samy beagn working  on commercials at The Mill as a senior animator but soon decided to go back to animated feature films.  So he went in Spain, where he worked for at Kandor Graphics on the movie “Justin and the Knights of Valor” as a Lead Animator.  Through is extensive career, Samy has  learned a lot as a lead animator and about the process and constraints of doing an animated feature film. He currently resides at Dreamworks Animation India as a Lead Animator on the upcoming movie, “The Penguins of Madagascar”.

Mentor Preferences
Samy Fecih is a character animator who has mainly worked on VFX movies but has also worked on various TV series’s, commercials and animated feature films. Thanks to VFX Samy has animated many animals and creatures and learned a lot about body mechanic. While working on animated feature film, Samy has been able to explore more in depth acting. During his time working on various TV series,  Samy has developed a workflow that allowed him to animate 12 seconds per day which has helped him during every production he has worked on.  Samy has also done some layout and camera work which he will also teach and help to really take advantage of the camera, or know where to place it and use it at your best advantage.

Ideal Mentee: For me my mentee needs to be motivated, and dedicated, I’ve been teaching for 3 years now and many times I’ve met students telling me they loved animation, but never read any books, didn’t know any animator, or website! Many artists as they study put their life on hold for a couple of years, even more sometime, this job is passion driven, if you’re not dedicated and don’t LOVE animation, then you can start looking somewhere else, cause this job is a fan job, the people doing it loooove it and would sacrifice anything to keep doing this job in the best condition possible. I don’t expect less than this from my mentees. I would like to take two students, one more beginner and another one more advanced, I will make them work together as well, helping each other, I expect the beginner to have fully understand and mastered the principle to take them to a way higher level, and to go over the stage on focusing on the technique, he will have a perfect workflow, and will be able at the end to start exploring what there is after the technique. For the advance one I want him to stop thinking of the techniques and to start to explore the body language, reading Desmond Morris book and the excellent Joe Navarro “What every body is saying”, I want him to not do what he just learned, but to understand WHY, and to be able to have a perfect control on the pantomime of his character, to work the thought, I will teach him the best way to approach a shot, teaching him to not just animate a character but to properly give him life!

10-week plan: So the first week I will talk with them and try to know what they want to work the most, and I will decide from the talk and their reel what are the things we will focus on. Then I will give them an exercise based on their gaps that we talked and that I would have noticed from their reels. As they will do their exercise, I will ask them to help each other teaching them to be able to give AND receive feedback from a co-worker which is very important for me ! The first 3 weeks I will give them small exercises to work on the gaps they have, with exercises very specific, then as we go along I will give them different exercises, sometime not 3D based, like doing references, drawing people in the streets, being able to mime different walks or being able to act in front of a camera. The idea is to teach them to learn from everything around them, and not only art, they will learn to take references from everything and see how musics helps with timing, sport with weight and spacing, photo helps on composition, and close-up in playing with the attention of the audience. Then I’ll see what they need, all the exercise will need only one week or two to be done, and finally I’ll keep a final exercise for the two last weeks that will show everything they’ve learned and that properly show they progress. My idea is to have one video conference with each of them per week, one hour (can go longer if needed), where we’re gonna focus on each needs and I will give them articles to read or exercises outside of 3d to help them to work even when they are in the streets going for the grocery store. Then during I will have another Q&A with both of them where we could talk of anything they wish, and it would be less specific on their needs, but maybe talk about the industry enlighten them on their doubts about the industry or just talk about some nice videos we saw or show or any experience we think worth sharing.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 2

Maximum Distance: International

Language(s): English, French or Spanish.

Preferred Meeting Times: It would be more during my nights, after works I’m always available, usually week end is busy, but maybe we could do it sometime if they wish, I’m totally flexible !

To apply to become Samy’s mentee, click here.

Click here for Samy Fecih Demo Reel

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