Are you a thespian or just an actor or actress? Some might say the question itself is rather pretentious. Are these titles not all the same? Is making a distinction between these titles dumb? Not so much if you think about it. Let us delve a little deeper. Come with us!

Anyone can call themselves an actor

These days anyone with two seconds of screen time as an extra on a movie, tv show or an advert for cat food can call themselves an actor or actress. To be a true thespian you have to pay your dues in the acting world on stage, in movies and on TV.

According to critics and true lovers of the arts all over the world, a UK-based arts education just gives you that special edge over the competition and just enough prestige to be a distinguished thespian. A true artiste, and not just your run-of-the-mill struggling actor. Hollywood actors just do not compare.

Drama in its truest form

Who would you rather see doing Shakespeare? Sir Anthony Hopkins at a West end Theatre in all his thespian glory? Or would a pretty Hollywood beach bum in a romcom adaptation suffice for you? Both will be entertaining but only one will be memorable forever. Only one is a true-blue thespian.