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Crafting Story-Based Images with Richard Keyes

Mondays, 7p – 10p (10 sessions)
June 4 – August 6
Location: MakeSpace Arts (2797 E. Foothill Blvd.  Ste 100,  Pasadena, CA 91107)

Tuition: $495
Level: Open to all

Status: CLOSED

Great visual storytelling captures that moment of tension when characters teeter on the precipice of action and reaction. The goal of this class is to provide you with the tools to take static portfolio pieces, visual development paintings, and illustrations, and give them dramatic dimensionality through context and tension. The course will identify the visual tools that ancient, modern, and contemporary master storytellers have used to craft compelling visual imagery. We’ll explore how a single image can contain its own timeframe, with a suggestion of what happened a second ago, and what might happen a second from now, with the ultimate goal of emotionally involving your viewer. Class time will concentrate on lectures and critique, with each week spent on different categories of story-based imagery. Four projects are planned, each addressing story-based image-making from a different angle, with an eye toward bringing a higher emotional level to your portfolio and personal work.

About Richard Keyes

Richard Keyes has taught at Art Center College of Design for 22 years, specializing in color theory as it applies to stories. He has worked as a graphic designer since 1981 for clients such as Warner Brothers Records and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and as a color consultant for Avery Dennison, Bic and Empire Berol. He has also conducted workshops at Disney Feature Animation (“Color as a Narrative Tool”) and Disney Consumer Products, and published a DVD called “The Mechanics of Color.”

*images above are provided by former students of Richard Keyes

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